The Harpenden Trust

We are exceptionally grateful for the financial support given to HEC by the Harpenden Trust.

Not only do we use their public Halls for our monthly meeting by they have kindly donated the funding for:

  • Our kit trailer – enabling us to use every seat on the minibus and reduce costs
  • Leader and member training – mountain leadership and first aid
  • A community fund – assisting with the cost of the trips for those that need it most
  • Essentail club kit – Tents, camping equipment, safety equipment

The generous contribution allows the Club to provide excellent facilities and keep costs down to an absolute minimum. Every member and leader pays £20 annual subscriptions to cover insurance. After this they just pay the direct costs for each trip (travel, accommodation, food), this typically comes in between £65 and £110 for the weekend depending on the type of trip.


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