The Leaders

HEC was founded in 1993 by a group of mountaineering enthusiasts led by Andrew Marr.

Our leaders today have a mix of experience and certifications including Mountain Leadership Certificates, sailing and canoeing qualifications, single pitch, first aid and many more.

All activities are conducted in line with British Mountaineering Council guidelines and where necessary, we bolster our own leadership with external instructors.

Over 25 years since starting HEC, Andrew Marr is still actively involved and is supported by a great team.

Andrew Marr is the Founder and President of HEC. Andrew is now retired after a career in engineering and then personnel before leading Young Enterprise for London. Andrew has climbed Kilimanjaro and Mashiro Kangri in the Himalayas. He has canoed down the Zambezi in Zimbabwe and down the Danube, not to mention white water rafted on the Zambezi and in New Zealand. As a spritely teen he also climbed the Matterhorn

Aaron Ross was a founding member of HEC. He is an experienced mountaineer, triathlete and skier who has climbed/trekked many mountains across Europe including Mont Blanc. Aaron is an entrepreneur who lives in London.

Christine White is a keen golfer, sailor and mountaineer who has enjoyed many activities over the years including playing hockey, tennis and skiing. Christine has a love for the outdoor life.

Dave Francis was one of the original members of HEC and is now a leader. Dave’s responsibilities include logistics (especially when camping!). Dave is a Systems Analyst who lives in London.  Dave went to Roundwood Park.

David Martin is the club’s chief instructor the result of holding various awards including; International Mountain Leader (IML – Carnet 16801), Winter ML, Single Pitch Climbing and Bushcraft (NCFE). David, is a keen mountaineer and has climbed over much of the UK, Alps and trekked further afield, he is also actively involved Scouts as a leader and mountain assessor and is an IT Business Analyst by profession.  David is also enjoying his new life as a father.

Emma Simon is also a previous member HEC who is now enjoying a career as an outdoor activity instructor at Ackers Adventure in Birmingham. Emma joins in with the trips when she can and boasts certifications in climbing, canoeing, kayaking, archery, skiing, first aid, and mountain leader. Emma went to Sir John Lawes School. She has climbed Kilimanjaro, completed haute route and GR20 and spent 17 days trekking across the Himalayas.

Keith Mann is Youth Officer responsible for making sure we comply with BMC child protection guidelines. Keith is a retired GP, and a keen sailor. Keith was introduced to HEC through his son who was one of the early members. He has Climbed and trekked in the UK, the Alps, Sweden, the Himalayas, Andes Pyrenees and Australia. Keith is a RYA Yachtsmaster. He was President of the SW Herts Outdoor pursuits group and was Expedition Medical Officer for 3 months in Fiji as part of the Coral Cay Conservation Expedition.

Mark Hailey has been a leader at HEC since it was started in 1993. He is a keen mountaineer who has climbed Kilimanjaro and has a passion for everything outdoors when his family commitments allow.

Paul Gulliver is HEC’s Treasurer and is responsible for ensuring that as a not-for-profit organisation, our accounts break-even each year. He maintains our registered membership database with the BMC and issues the majority of expedition notices. Paul is a Chartered Surveyor whom Andrew employed as a sponsored student at Laing in the late 1980′s. Paul is an accomplished mountaineer, having completed all 284 Munros in the Scottish Highlands, an occasional rock climber and an experienced mountain biker and skier. Although still a regular visitor to the wild places of Britain, his expeditions are somewhat curtailed by recent fatherhood!


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